The purpose of Warehouse Management is to assist in the management of inventory movement within a warehouse be it shipping, receiving, picking and packing, etc. The day-to-day management of operations in a warehouse can be difficult to track especially if you carry a lot of products. This course helps to bridge the gap between your warehouse and management allowing increased visibility between these two segments of the business.

Learning Methodology
The course is designed to be highly participative and interactive, based on the philosophy of experiential learning. The following learning tools will be used in the workshop:
  • Hands-on skill development exercises.
  • Lectures.
  • Presentations by participants.
Warehouse Management

  • Warehouse Introduction.
  • Types of Warehouse.
  • Functions of Warehouse.
  • Warehouse Operations.
  • Storage System.
  • Inventory Management.
  • Fixed Quantity System.
  • ABC analysis.
  • Warehouse Management System.
  • Bar Code Technology.
  • RFID Technology.
  • CBM Calculation.
  • Incoterms.
  • Case Studies.

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