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Moulding Professionals for a better Career positioning

Total Quality Management

We are glad to have you with us in the process of learning the concepts and skills necessary to perform your Role, responsibilities and functions as a Total Quality Management Professional. This programme guarantees measured improvement indifferent levels of your sales activities. You will be Exposed to many enlightening tools that are unmatched in the measured results they will produce for you and your Organization. This is a completely interactive programme and therefore you are requested to be open minded, sharing Your ideas and experiences, asking questions and hence being hundred percent participative.

Course Content
  • 1. TQM Definition
    • ● TQM Elements for Success

      ● Continuous Improvement Process

      ● TQM History

  • 2. TQM Implementation
    • ● PDSA/PDCA

  • 3. Customer Satisfaction
    • ● Types Of Customers

      ● Ways To Get Feedback From Customers

      ● Comment CARD

      ● Customer Questionnaire

      ● Focus Group

      ● Toll Free Phone No.

      ● Customer Visits

      ● Customer Service Report Cards

      ● Employees Feedback

  • 4. Using Customer Complaints
    • ● Mass Customization

      ● Modular Design

      ● Delayed Differentiation

      ● Over The Wall Design

  • 5. The 6 Steps To Customer Quality
    • ● Customer Service Research

      ● Applying Customer Service Metrics To Improve Customer Experience (CX)

  • 6. Performance Measures
    • ● Balanced Scorecard An Overview

      ● Balanced Scorecard Basics

      ● Creating The Strategy Map

      ● Good Performance Measurements

      ● The Final Scorecard Components

  • 7. The ‘Seven Simple Tools’
    • ● Process Maps

      ● Cause and Effect  (Ishikawa / fishbone) Diagrams

      ● 5 Whys

      ● Check Sheets

      ● SIPOC

      ● Graphs and Histograms

      ● Pareto Charts