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Managing a company's account in excel or as a hard copy can be a daunting experience. Our Accounting software package like Quick book, Peachtree and Tally saves considerable amount of time for all. The course has the following module which comprehends the whole program.

Tally accounting software provides a solution to all the problems real businesses have to encounter. Single software takes care of all tasks required for enterprise management. Accounting task such as record keeping, accounts receivable, payable management and bank reconciliation are made simple through tally.

Financial management is also made simpler under Tally software. The software allows management of finances across multiple locations handles multiple currency transactions, manage cash flow and interest payment. Thus, Tally software is flexible, reliable, secure, easy to use and affordable.

Course Objective

This Module is designed to help you to better manage yours Books, your Business & Powerful Business Management.

Course Outline
  • Basic of Accounting
    • ● Accounting Principles - Concepts and Conventions

      ● Double Entry System

      ● Rules of Accounting

      ● Mode of Accounting

      ● Financial Statements

  • Fundamental of Tally EPR9
    • ● Introduction to Tally ERP.9

      ● Overview of Tally ERP.9

      ● Why Tally ERP.9

      ● Installation of Tally ERP.9

  • Gateway of Tally ERP.9
    • ● Introduction with gateway of Tally

      ● Company Features

      ● A/C only & A/C with inventory features

  • Maintain Company Data
    • ● Creating Company

      ● Creating Masters

      ● Vouchers Entry

      ● Accounting Vouchers & Inventory Vouchers

      ● Inventory Management

  • Reports Generation
    • ● Trial Balance

      ● Profit & Loss Account

      ● Balance Sheet

  • MIS Report Generation