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This is a certification programme designed and given by the American Institute of Business & Management (AIBM) which covers all the latest requirements and practices. The Uniform Customs and Practice for Documentary Credits (UCP) standards are utilized by banks and companies in more than 175 countries for international trade financing. Some 11-15% of international trade utilize letters of credit (L/C), and with the latest revision of the UCP rules, UCP 600 –in effect since July 1st 2007 –almost all letters of credit issued by banks have been subject to these rules. The Finance 3.0 UCP 600 program is a library of 7 courses designed to take participants through different articles set in UCP 600 in regards to their applicability and functionality in letters of credit used for different international trade situations. The key rules relating to the documentation of letters of credit are also covered, ensuring that participants both new and experienced to letters of credit benefit from an examination of this key piece of technical knowledge in international trade finance.

Training Highlights

  • International trade, Inco terms – Shipping Terms & Maritime Laws, Logistics
  • Operation, UAE – Intl. Free zone Operations, Port & Customs Procedures, Marine
  • Cargo Insurance, Ocean Bills of Lading, Charter party Bills of Lading, Multimodal
  • Bills of Lading, Freight Forwarders B/L, CMR & FCR, Tanker Bills of Landing
  • LOI & Third Port Shipment, Shipping Guarantee, Bonded Warehousing, Air
  • Shipment –Air Way Bill, Truck Consignment, Contract of Carriage under UCP 600

Training Topics

  • Understanding Letter of Credit (LC)
  • Types & Terms of LCs
  • INCOTERMS 2010
  • Export Documentation & Common Discrepancies
  • Uniform Customs & Practices for Documentary Credit (UCP 600)
  • UCP Case Studies
  • Important Court Cases & Verdicts
  • Mock Exam & LC Case Studies
  • Post Course Study Material