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General English Level 3 & Level 4

  • Basic Phonetics.
  • Grammar
  • Sentence – Parts of Sentences
  • Parts of Speech
  • Subject – Verb Agreement
  • Tenses
  • Conversation: Situation Based & Context Based
  • Vocabulary
  • Listening
  • Writing
  • Reading & Comprehension
  • Conversation
  • Activities & Role Plays
  • Group Discussions Etc
  • Native Trainer

Trainer: Dr. Michael Foy (Native British)

English Level 3 - Pre-intermediate


Can follow a conversation between: e.g. people in everyday situations.
Can understand a monologue about: e.g. survey results, daily routine, a first experience.
Can understand an interview asking about: e.g. Experiences of a course


Can follow a short text about: e.g. physical activities, advice, traditions, life stories.
Can understand the following genres: e.g. a fact file, informal email, interview transcript.

Spoken interaction

Can ask for and give: e.g. likes and dislikes, sports preferences, daily routine, activities in the past, directions.
Can enact conversations: e.g. social chit-chat, travel agent and tourist.
Can carry out an interview and report back on: e.g. personal details, feelings .

Spoken production

Can talk about: e.g. a story, the first time I did something, daily routine, describing a job, personal appearance.


Can write using these features: punctuation, linking words, paragraphs, notes
Can write in these genres: personal fact file, story, informal invitation letter, postcard, biography, report.


Question forms

Present simple

Past simple

Time phrases often used in the past

Modals of obligation and permission

Present continuous for present and future

Comparatives and superlatives

Predictions —will! won’t

Present perfect and time expressions

Articles — a / an / the! Zero


Countable/uncountable nouns


Leisure activities

Words to describe feelings

Phrases with feel

Daily routine


Dates and special occasions

Phrases with day

Physical appearance

Phrases with look


Ambitions and dreams

Phrases with for

Geographical features

English Level 4 - intermediate


Can follow a conversation between: friends talking about a photo/lifestyles/holiday plans, new friends introductions, travel agent and tourist
Can understand a monologue about: meeting important people, childhood memories, facts about countries /statistics, who you admire, how you have changed, plans after university, changing jobs, opinions of TV programmes/ books/films/concerts


Can follow a text about: e.g. free time, improving your memory.
Can understand the following genres: informal and neutral email, country fact file, CV, questionnaire, newspaper reports and consumer review

Spoken interaction

Can ask for and give: personal information, lifestyle preferences, information about people close to me, life experiences, questionnaire answers
Can enact conversations: travel agent and tourist, phone operator and customer, reactions to news
Can make group decisions about: what to do on a trip, who to hire for a job
Can have a discussion about: spending free time, memory, suitable jobs for your partner, watching TV

Spoken production

Can talk about: first meeting someone important to you, a childhood memory, a strange event, comparing countries, comparing your town now to your town in the past, your lifeline, personal characteristics, someone you admire.
Can give a short presentation about: e.g. a customer review


Can write a short text about: daily life, a city, tour itinerary, person you admire, your lifeline
Can write in these genres: CV, informal email, covering letter, consumer review


Questions and answers

Present simple and continuous

Past simple and continuous

Used to

Comparatives and superlatives

Comparing things in different ways —similar

to / whereas / different to / same as

Present perfect simple

For / since / ago

Present perfect continuous

Future plans and intentions

Future clauses — if! when / before

Participle adjectives - -ing / -ed

Passive forms


Everyday activities

People around you

Phrases with have

Collocations with remember, learn, remind, forget, recognize, lose

Describing towns and cities

Life experiences

Positive characteristics

Phrases with take



Extreme adjectives