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Moulding Professionals for a better Career positioning

Certified Research Professional In Management Practices

Today’s managerial functions require skills and understanding of what works and the role of evidence-led information to aid the right kind of decision. No doubt, the rudiments of research puts contemporary [business] managers at an advantage in asking the right questions, understanding rigor in processes and building confidence in decisions they make.

The aim of this training, therefore, is to get learners to appraise research hands-on. By practicing, the learner will ably understand how research phenomenology translates in practice.

  • Introduction to Business Research
  • Understanding Research Environment
  • Research Tools Data Gathering Strategy
  • Research Planning Process
  • Sample and Sampling
  • Introduction to Quantitative Analysis
  • Instrument Design
  • Reporting Research
  • Abstract Writing
  • Managers Guide to Proposal Writing