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Moulding Professionals for a better Career positioning

English Upper-intermediate/ Business Communication (24 hours course – 12 classes)

This is a certification programme designed and given by the American Institute of Business & Management (AIBM) which covers all the latest requirements and practices. This combination of modules focuses on business communication skills, including the communication process, and writing for business. The program is designed for Practicing or aspiring first line managers, marketing, & sales executives who wish to develop effective professional communication and management skills.

Trainer: Dr. Michael Foy (Native British)

  • Business correspondence (letters and e-mails)
  • Business vocabulary (contemporary words and phrases to use and not use)
  • Report writing (basic business formats – de-briefing; information only; research)
  • Grammar/pronunciation review (exercises and correction; intonation)
  • Syntax – simple, compound, complex sentence structure (writing improvement)
  • Punctuation usage (what, how, and where to use)
  • Idiomatic English (as used by native speakers)
  • Presentation skills (written and oral)
  • HR practices (interview and interviewing/c.v. construction and cover letter)
  • Meeting, agenda, and minutes creation
  • Meeting protocol (how to attend/conduct)
  • Office procedures (managerial, secretarial, reception)
  • The above topics are designed to give an overall idea of the program only, and are subject to change and emphasis according to individual student requirements. This will be decided by instructor and student throughout the course.